lemon tree.

I have wanted a lemon tree ever since I was little. We had a huge lemon tree in our backyard growing up and some of my favourite memories are making lemon meringue pies with my mum. Eventually the tree got borers and despite dad’s best efforts, it died.

So I bought a “lemonade” lemon and whacked it in a pot. The first year we got about 7 lemons, but after a serious bout of neglect, the poor tree is not looking its best. It bounced back with lots of new growth, but its not really a tree shape anymore, and is growing out in all directions pretty awkwardly.

Lemon tree

It flowered a few weeks ago, but the wind blew them all away before any fruit set… So I think it’s doing ok… The question is do I prune it right back to get it growing tree-like again? I’m more inclined to just leave it be. Anyone growing citrus successfully in a container?

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