Tomatoes are my favourite plant to grow. They’re pretty tough, seem to be ok in pots and grow so, so fast. Seedlings to fruit in a flash. On my balcony though, I’ve never had huge harvests… Sometimes the wind has been to blame… but usually death comes quickly, by the mouths of hundreds of bright green caterpillars.

I don’t spray chemicals on my plants (I don’t really see the point of home grown food if you’re going to spray it with poisons anyways…) so I tried picking them off one by one. But they usually win.

This year… So far so good! I was given a punnet of mixed heirloom cherry tomato seedlings for Christmas… and they are doing pretty well.

I of course have no idea what’s what- but I do know it looks like we’re in for quite a haul of tiny tomatoes in the coming weeks!

This poor guy is in an exposed position and cops the worst of the wind… He is my bravest tomato plant yet! Standing tall (well, tallish) and fruiting already.

This poor guy is in an exposed position and cops the worst of the wind.

Determined is he – 6 fruits already forming (hard to see in this blurry photo) and new flowers starting to form branches very tip of the plant.

His next door neighbour has also been pretty wind battered though his tactic has been to grow in a twist. Whatever works, little tomato.

Twisted tomato

Grow any way you like, mister tomato!

Container tomato miracle fruit

And look! Big fat fruit already starting to ripen.

This guy has been better protected, and has a deeper pot (which he doesn’t seem to mind sharing with a leek and some thyme) so has grown much bigger than his battered brothers.

Using the railing as support.

Using the railing as support.

Tomato leek and thyme sharing container

Tomato, thyme and leek getting along just fine.

Down the end here is the biggest pot I have. There are four plants in there! They’re going okay, I’m sure they would like some more room, but they’re flowering away like mad… And fruit is forming in the messy tangle.

Cramped, but pretty happy!

Cramped, but pretty happy!


Won't be much longer now...

Won’t be much longer now…

Today two little baby seedlings went in. They germinated on our lounge room window sill very, very slowly. And have continued to grow very, very slowly! They are an heirloom veriety called black cherry.

The bigger of the two went in with a few tragic looking zuchini seedlings (who are desperately trying to live and are forming flowers, but they are yellow and sickly, I don’t have high hopes!) He has a home-made greenhouse to protect him from the wind for a little while until he is a bit stronger.

Tomato seedling in container

I just hacked the bottom of a soft drink bottle off and gently twisted it into the dirt around the seedling. Easy.

The runt of the two is tucked in under the leek for protection for now. The leek will be pulled soon for potato and leek soup. And the thyme will survive a bit of a squish for a the time being..

Tiny littlest runt seedling protected by a friendly leek. He probably doesn't have e very good chance!

Tiny littlest runt seedling protected by a friendly leek. He probably doesn’t have e very good chance!

It’s raining now, I hope it lasts long enough to give the bigger pots a good soak.